Measuring time with pictures

What calendars are available for 2019? Let’s see:

Hozuki no Reitetsu, with goldfish plants.

Girls und Panzer, cherry blossoms and tanks.

Yurucamp, camping for introverts.

There’s also Hatsune Miku. There are lots of choices for fans of vocal synthesis: this, this and this. Plus this. And this, and several more at

There are many more anime calendars here. Most of them are Japanese-style, with six large pictures, one for each pair of months, rather than twelve smaller ones.

Let’s not forget Heath Robinson and Mrs. Regera Dowdy.

There’s also Robinson’s American counterpart, Rube Goldberg.

Update: Let’s also not forget the Social Justice Kittens.

One thought on “Measuring time with pictures”

  1. Oh, thanks for reminding me!

    I keep two calendars in my office. One is Joseph Tamolleri’s Trout of North America, which I like because I’m interested in fish and fishing.

    The other is from Clear Creek Abbey, which I like because it messes with my co-workers’ heads.

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