Odds and ends

Life is annoyingly busy, and I will have less time than usual for maintaining my websites until the middle of December. Expect even less activity here than usual. There might occasionally be posts of miscellaneous nonsense, such as what follows, but probably not much more.


Magical algorithm 1

Flickr recently introduced a “camera roll” feature that displays thumbnails of your pictures arranged either by the date taken or according to its “magic view,” which sorts them into subject-based categories. The algorithms for the latter need a little refinement.

Magical algorithm 2


Are you Hank Marvin?


Today’s health news: sarcasm is a good source for your minimum daily requirement of irony.



Something I didn’t know: there is a South American “orchid beethat collects DDT. (Illustration from here.)


Wonderduck has a modest request:

I want a crossover with Rio: Rainbow Gate! now… call it Rio: Rainbow GATE. Oh, the joy I would feel seeing Rory Mercury let loose on Casino Island, or the JSDF shooting down Sky Resort with a few F-4 Phantoms. This needs to happen.

The chief virtue of Rio Rainbow Gate is that it gave the Duck something worthy of his subtle critical insight. His sensitive analysis and interpretation of the first episode is here. You can find his further RRG studies with a bit of searching at the Pond.


Presented without comment:


Here’s something a little more melodious:


There are many typos, careless mistakes and general weirdnesses in newspapers, such as those recorded at Bad Newpaper. And then there’s this.


And a couple more things:

A note about music

Big kitty

Update: Bonus nonsense.

Who or what almost became the “Mythical Ethical Icicle Tricycle“?

Why Barbie moved to Kentucky

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