Technical difficulties …


… have finally been resolved, I hope.

Addendum: Here’s AN Hosting’s story:

As our datacenter air conditioners were forced to work harder due to the temperature increases in Chicago it overdrew power on our datacenters circuits, a breaker which was anticipated to be able to support the load was tripped. We have electrical and cooling specialists on site, however, due to the sudden loss of power your server was rebooted and we are currently working to bring it back online.

I bet summer is going to be fun. This is strike two. Do I wait for the strike three, or do I find a different host now? (If I do move to a different host, I should be able to keep the same url, so you won’t have to change your bookmarks again.)

2 thoughts on “Technical difficulties …”

  1. You’ll find that most every “affordable” host is going to have outages. I’ve had my share over at Dreamhost, though it’s so dang cheap for what you get I’m not going to go trying to figure out where the grass might be greener, seeing as I’m not actually trying to run a business on it (yet). Short of paying through the nose for a five-nines co-loc, the best you can hope for is a responsive tech support team and clear communications during the inevitable outages.

  2. Oooh, Duck Amuck strikes again!

    I’d bet that Pixy Misa would be willing to give you free blogspace. Of course, you prolly wouldn’t keep your url, but who knows?

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