Will the real Mozart please behave himself

Here are the answers to Thursday’s quiz.

These illustrations are from the Classi9 manga. The morbidly curious can read it here.

It really is silly. Japanese student Taki Ren travels to Vienna to enroll at a music school. It’s an all-boys school and she’s a girl, but that’s not a problem — crossdressing is the national sport of Japan, if anime and manga are to be believed. Her classmates are guys like Bach and Wagner, all in their teens (except Haydn, who’s twelve). I didn’t get far into it, and I don’t recommend it except as an absurd curiosity.

Taki is based on an actual Japanese composer. I would include a few links to his music, but YouTube has become intolerable.

2 thoughts on “Will the real Mozart please behave himself”

  1. Hilarious, in a weird way. My problem in trying to guess: I was trying to make sense. Silly me! Both Beethoven and Bach were likely to punch you out if you crossed them (Bach was arrested once for punching somebody!). While one can imagine one them sword fighting or climbing into a mech, just punching somebody seems unlikely…

  2. Well, I’d have been better off just throwing darts at my screen to match composers to characters.


    Re the clip above, I seriously doubt Chopin ever tackled anybody in his life (including George Sand). On the other hand, I fully approve of removing Liszt from the keyboard by any means necessary.

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