Yoctometers, yottameters and ponies

Two weeks’ worth of random stuff.

Of all the mysteries in Mouretsu Pirates, the most puzzling, and the least likely to be satisfactorily explained, are the Sailor Moon shout-outs. This Princess Serenity is anything but a ditzy airhead.

By the way, it is impossible to watch just one episode of Shingu.


Today is Derpy Hooves Day. Eat a muffin and deliver some mail. Googly eyes are a plus. (Yesterday was Blogger Appreciation Day. Meh; I prefer WordPress.)

Myers-Briggs ponies:


I hope this was Photoshopped. Temperatures in Fairbanks are much warmer now, with highs around 3°F.


Greek, or geek, mythology? Blame the Brickmuppet for finding this one.


Don’t get me started on “their,” “there” and “they’re.”


I ain’t no hippie, so I won’t say “Keep on truckin’.”


One important element of Rocket Girls (and Stratos 4, and Mouretsu Pirates) is currently in development.


Lots of powers of ten.

Fonts as cats.

A modest proposal regarding copyright.

Japanese ghost town.

3 thoughts on “Yoctometers, yottameters and ponies”

  1. Yep, it was photoshopped. Not even “chichakos” (Alaska newbies) are that stupid. Plus that sign is not that big comparatively.

    We had that weather for a good 6 weeks, but now we have balmy ’20’s to ’30’s. Shirt sleeve weather.

    BTW, a person is a “chichako” for the first 25 years, then you are a sourdough. I have 6 more years.

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