I’ve finally escaped from Wichita. I now live in a city an order of magnitude smaller in a neighboring county, where I don’t hear boom cars and shouting strangers all evening. It will no longer be convenient for me to visit the botanical garden in Wichita, but quiet nights are compensation.

Waiting for me in the front yard when I moved in was the puffball above. I’d guess it’s either Calvatia fragilis or Calvatia cyathiformis. It was at its prime yesterday while my camera was packed away, and was starting to deflate this morning when I finally got a picture.

Also waiting for me were a couple of peony plants in their prime.

5 thoughts on “Elsewhere”

  1. One order of magnitude smaller. Neighbouring county. Let me guess: I used to live there, my father still does, and there’s a “South” across the bridge if you take a right just before Carey Park.

      1. When I was a teen, we had the house at 424 E. A that has (had?) a kitchen floor of broken quarry tile set in 4″(!) of concrete. Found out years later that it had belonged to the Cadillac dealer, whose wife had apparently seen the showroom floor at the dealership (pretty sure the floor is still there, on South Main near F or G streets on the West side of the street) and wanted one just like it. So, they poured and set a 4″ thick concrete floor in the house. Hence the foundation sagging a bit at the end.

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