… what happened yesterday?

Where were all the April 1 posts? I had planned to update my list of relevant posts elsewhere as I found them throughout the day, but I only came across three more1, not enough to make the effort worthwhile2. Why weren’t there more? Are writers too intimidated by America’s Newspaper of Record to invent their own news? Have we passed the Neuman Singularity3, when the world becomes absurd faster than it can be satirized? Is humor just not funny anymore?


  1. The Brickmuppet posted a questionable link; a volcanic eruption has been rescheduled, and Van der Leun had some news of New York.
  2. “Worthwhile” has five consecutive consonants. Can you find any English-language words with six?
  3. Named for Alfred E. Neuman, not John von Neumann.

2 thoughts on “So…”

  1. I can’t speak for anyone else but I am in “survival mode” right now. Everything takes about 3-4 times as long as it should (dealing with putting classes online, arranging to get groceries) that there’s no extra energy for anything else. I mean, even if we weren’t in the middle of what looks like an existential crisis.

    I’m hanging my hopes on being able to celebrate Christmas 2020, at this point.

    I am….not coping with this well at all.

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