The last AFW post …

… until next year, maybe.

I finally got through all the Anime Festival Wichita photos. You can see 421 of them here.

Here they are in a slide show:

[flowplayer src=’′ width=640 height=480]

Right-click on the blue lady to download the file (57 megabytes).

I was surprised that there weren’t any Madoka cosplayers. Also absent: Chii; Rei and Asuka; miscellaneous Rozen Maidens; Ayumu and Haruna.

Uchu Senkan Yamato

YIPE!, “the costume fanzine of record,” attempts to come to terms with anime in issue 2.9, now available for download. Of particular note are Karen Dick’s recollections of her enthusiasm for the Leijiverse, illustrated with pictures of the costumes she made thirty years ago. There’s also some discussion of conflicting fandoms, an interview with a costumer, more reminiscences, and pictures. In addition, the writers admit the obvious:

Face it folks, anime may be a medium not-entirely-catering-to Sci Fi, but it produces more Sci Fi and Fantasy than American television. Better quality, too.

Anime anthropology

The Field Guide to Convention Cosplayers

The Old School Tribute

Likely Cosplaying:
– Lum from Urusei Yatsura
– Anyone from Ranma ½
– Anyone from Final Fantasy II through V

Defining Traits:
– Looking really good in a classic cosplay
– Unless it’s overly complex or revealing, being completely unrecognized and ignored.

May I Take A Picture?: Please do.

Do: Thank them for remembering a show that came out before InuYasha.

Do Not: Mistake the Daicon bunny girl for Haruko from FLCL.

Will the Vocaloids outnumber the Narutards?

One can hope.

The Wichita anime festival moved to a venue within easy bicycle distance this year. I’ll probably spend most of the weekend there with my camera.

Here’s the first batch of snapshots.

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