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Remember this?

Neglected by his globe-trotting father, Popper grows into a sharkish real-estate wheeler-dealer, flipping New York landmarks and falling out of touch with his young son (Maxwell Perry Cotton) and adolescent daughter (Madeline Carroll). He must, in addition to wrangling the birds — a bequest from Dad, multiplied by a customer service error — try to win back his ex-wife (Carla Gugino) and woo a reluctant seller (Angela Lansbury) to part with the Tavern on the Green.

I sure don’t, and I read Mr. Popper’s Penguins many times back before the last ice age. Please, if you have to make a crummy movie, at least base it on a lousy book, not a childhood favorite.

Definitely kowai

Every time I check the search phrases that lead surfers here, I learn once again that there are some really strange people in the world. Most frightening recent query: “‘president aria’ image gallery hentai.” Then there’s “keroro gunso doujinshi yaoi download.” Yaoi is distasteful enough when it involves humans. Let’s leave the frogs alone, okay?

Other search phrases from the past few weeks worth noting:

shounen comedy martial arts romance action fantasy ecchi harem schoolkids anime — Could you be more specific, please?
bleah — I agree
how to be haruhi
crunchy vs smooth peanut butter personality variables
nekomimi quartet
autistic catgirl
jack the ripper was autistic
sailor moon as a religion — it beats Scientology
transforming boys into girls — there’s a bit too much of that going on
creamed colored precalculus textbooks
are you kawaii or kowai?
kowai clothing
paranoia agent sounds like strawberry fields forever — not really, though “Maromi’s Theme” is a good lullaby for psychotics
rube goldberg clothes in basket
cyberpet adoptions japan wolves

And more variations on the usual theme:

kawaii crimson
kawaii closed roads
kawaii in chicago
kawaii badger
kawaii weather in june
kawaii horror


Another item for the “ducks in anime” file:


Ten’s spaceship in episode 2a of Urusei Yatsura.