Phalaenopsis, again

An unnamed Phalaenopsis hybrid. The label says

Dtps ________
(Blessed ‘Walnut Valley’ HCC 76 pts
x Phal Talsuco Date ‘Max’ HCC 77 pts)
Unflasked 09/29/2012

“Dtps” is the abbreviation for “Doritaenopsis,” i.e., a hybrid between Doritis pulcherrima and a Phalaenopsis. However, the genus Doritis has recently been lumped into Phaleanopsis, so the Dtps label is obsolete, and this plant is entirely a Phalaenopsis.

To see the three-dimensional images, cross your eyes so that pairs of images overlap, forming three images. Focus on the middle image, and the picture should snap into 3-D.

A “keiki” at the tip of a spent Phalaenopsis equestris bloom spike.