Greg Golding, baritone horn. Photographing the chamber music concert this afternoon with my toy camera was frustrating. Pictures with the flash were harsh and unflattering, but without the flash the images were blurred and noisy. (I hope by the end of summer to have a proper DLSR and a fast lens.)

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I don’t think I’ve ever posted a picture of my dulcimer. This was the eighth one I built, back in 1993. It has a cedar soundboard, sixteen treble and sixteen bass courses, and is most playable in keys with a sharp or two.

J-rock, soundtracks and early music

For Erik‘s amusement, here is the most recent iTunes shuffle. Sorry, no piano music, though there is an accordion on the first one.

In Peace, 梶浦由記 — Noir OST II

Minna Dareka ni Aisarete — SeraMyu

Binchou Ondo, Kadowaki Mai — Binchou-tan OST

Si Habeis Dicho, Marido, Circa 1500 — Music from the Spanish Kingdoms

さようなら, Kagrra

Peach Pie on the Beach, Polysics

Desde hoy mas, me madre (Sephardic), The Boston Camerata/Joël Cohen — The Sacred Bridge – Jews & Christians in Medieval Europe

Bel m’es, quan vei chanjar lo senhoratge, Camerata Mediterranea/Joël Cohen — Lo Gai Saber – Troubadors et Jongleurs (1100-1300)

Sebrina, Paste And Plato, Jellyfish — Spilt Milk

Ondas do mar / Altas undas que venez suz la mar, Camerata Mediterranea/Joël Cohen — Lo Gai Saber – Troubadors et Jongleurs (1100-1300)