Miscellaneous nonsense

Odds and ends, some of them involving animation, Japan or spandex.

Dr. Boli announces his magnum opus:

Distromachia. An epic poem in twenty-four books, describing in allegorical terms the battle between the various distributions of the Linux operating system. The triumphs, tragedies, humor, and pathos of open-source programming are thrown into sharp relief by casting the story in the Homeric mold. 8vo, 2 vol.

Also check the ads in his Celebrated Magazine.


Via Fellini 8.5, a glimpse of the next project from the Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo team:


Caninogenic climate change:

(Via Irish Elk.)


A tea house too high.

(Via The Rat.)

Tired of Ali Project? Here’s some Puccini, also via The Rat.


It’s not what you wear but how you wear it. A pretty girl with nice smile can redeem “… one of the most unflattering spandex /color combinations of any uniform ever conceived….”


I think of Hatsune Miku as essentially a vocal synthesizer, albeit with a cute animated representation, so I’m a little surprised that there are videos featuring her in which she doesn’t sing. For instance, here’s Miku and her colleagues dancing to a Polysics number:

(Here’s the original video.)

And then there is this bit of senseless violence to a Touhou tune:

(Via Ken the Brickmuppet.)


More music: let’s play a Tesla coil.


Via Astro, an example of voices perfectly matched to their characters:


Bonus nonsense: The best headline of the year so far:

North Korea Threatens War with Japan if Missile Is Shot Down, Japan Threatens to Unleash Godzilla if Kim Jong-il Doesn’t Reconsider Haircut