Thirty years ago

I recently unearthed Richard’s box of Japanese magazines and scanned a few more. This batch is from the February 1991 Newtype. It provides a snapshot of what anime was during the age of the laser disc. (The magazine pages are a little larger than my scanner can handle and there are missing edges.) These are big scans, so right-click and open in a new window to see every detail.

Although I instantly recognize the voices of Kikuko Inoue and other voice actors, I seldom know what they look like. I have no idea who any of the “90s’ voices” featured in this issue were.

There’s no escape from the Gundam franchise, even in the ocean.

Maria doesn’t look much like Julie Andrews here.

Some “nonstandard” mecha, Super Dimensions Century Orguss.

Curious fact: the information presented on this front page is probably more factual than that in the newspaper in your front yard.

What percentage of Japan’s 1991 gross domestic product was generated by the works of Rumiko Takahashi?

The latest technology. I expect that it takes 5.25″ discs.

“Official” art.

No escape from CLAMP, either.

There are a bunch of Dragon magazines in Richard’s box. Unfortunately, they are difficult to scan without breaking their spines.

Some odds and ends I don’t recognize:

And one I do. You DON!‘t want to do business with this salesman.

There are more scans from Richard’s box here, here, here, here, here and here.

One thought on “Thirty years ago”

  1. Even today, all it takes is a fleeting glimpse of Nadia’s sleek young body to get That Damn OP Song stuck in my head again.

    In the undentified section: Luna Varga, The Sensualist (“Life of an amorous man”), Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Hengen Taima Yakou Karura Mau! (or just Karura Mau!), and The Hakkenden.

    The presence of The Five Star Stories in the sidebar reminded me of how excited everyone was that it was finally getting bootlegged from laserdisc, and then the disappointment when no one could manage to finish more than a single episode of it.


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